TULA’s Probiotic Skin Care approach uses the “good bacteria” and ingredients that aid in digestive health to protect your skin against environmental conditions that harm and age your skin. Our technology stimulates the production of vital defense cells to make your skin healthier and more resistant to damage from stress, air pollution, chemicals, the sun and much more.

All TULA products nourish your skin with a proprietary blend of these ingredients:

+ PROBIOTICS, including yogurt and milk extracts
+ NUTRIPEPTIDES, from hydrolyzed rice
+ VITAMINS, including A, E, C in a special delivery system
+ ANTI-OXIDANTS, including Turmeric, White Tea and Blueberry Extract
+ OMEGA 3 AND 6 FATTY ACIDS, derived from Wild Flax Oil

“With so many responsibilities we often neglect our own health, inside and out. I’m dedicated to giving women products that make them look and feel balanced and beautiful.”

-Dr. Raj