The Probiotic Technology

The Probiotic Technology helps against undesired, external bacteria and protects the skin against negative environmental influences. The actives stimulate production of vital defense cells making the skin more stress resistant to harmful influences. The dairy products promote a natural balance of the intestinal flora, externally supplying nutritive elements to the skin and stabilizing it’s immune system.

All Tula products contain a proprietary blend of important ingredients:

  • Probiotics, including yogurt and milk extracts
  • Nutripeptides, from hydrolyzed rice
  • Vitamins, including A, E, C in a special delivery system
  • Anti-Oxidants, including Turmeric, White Tea and Blueberry Extract
  • Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids, derived from Wild Flax Oil


“With the Tula line there are four products none of which has caused me new breakouts, in fact they’re helping my skin heal from the foundation breakout. It’s been just a week and my face is a little brighter and it’s definitely smoother.”

-Heather, woodsofbelltrees.com

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